Editing csl issues

Hi, I'm sorry to ask this again. I am trying to modify the American Medical Association 11th edition style to do the following:

1. Display the extra field, with the text in the extra field in parentheses AND bold!

2. NOT display the DOI if there is one.

I am having no luck with this. Editing csl files is NOT intuitive!

Thanks to anyone that can give me the code and tell me where to put the code in the file!
  • You're trying this with the visual editor?
    For code, this will do:
    1. <text variable="note" font-weight="bold" prefix="(" suffix=")"/> You can experiment with placement in the style file (right before the last </layout> would likely work).

    2. Delete <text value="doi:"/>
    <text variable="DOI"/>
    leaving everything else as is.
  • Yes Adam, I was trying to edit with the visual editor, and also in Notepad. This worked well!!! The only problem is that the text in the Extra field has no space between it and the page numbers for the journal article. Is there a way to add a space?
    I SO appreciate your help and your fast response!! Thanks again!
  • you can add a space to the prefix or suffix, depending on where you need it, so either prefix=" (" or suffix=") "
  • Thanks again Adam -- that worked!!!
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