Request for assistance for referencing style for "Diagnostic Histopathology"

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Please can you provide me with assistance in adding the referencing style for Diagnostic Histopathology?

I have added a few examples of references from the journal: The journal names are in italics and the volume is in bold:

1 Grayson W. The HIV-positive skin biopsy. J Clin Pathol 2008; 61:
2 Govender NP, Grayson W. Emergomycosis (Emergomyces africanus) in advanced HIV disease. Dermatopathology 2019; 6:
3 Rosa G, Bennett D, Piliang MP. Eosinophil-rich syphilis: a report of
four cases. J Cutan Pathol 2015; 42: 554e8.
4 Choon SE, Kang J, Neafie RC, Ragsdale B, Klassen-Fischer M,
Carlson JA. Conidiobolomycosis in a young Malaysian woman
showing chronic localized fibrosing leukocytoclastic vasculitis: a
case report and meta-analysis focusing on clinicopathologic and
therapeutic correlations with outcome. Am J Dermatopathol 2012;
34: 511e22.
  • Have a look again. We need the exact samples given and you didn't provide all the information asked for. Please edit your post (hover over the post and click on the wheel on the top right corner).
  • Apologies, but I could not, and have not been able to find the Author guidelines for the journal Diagnostic Histopathology.
    I have thus provided a link to an article from the journal as an example of the referencing style.

    An update on cutaneous infections
    Wayne Grayson
    Published:January 14, 2020DOI:

    I hope this is helpful. Thank you.
  • (style would be for all MP journals: )

    @Reubina1 -- these are the two parts that are still missing:
    For journals, the journal's ISSN (print version) and/or e-ISSN (online version). If you can't find this information on the journal website, try looking up the journal in the NLM Catalog.

    Two citations, for a journal article and a book chapter, in the format of the style you're requesting. Create these citations for the two items shown below, the article by Campbell and Pedersen and book chapter by Mares. If your request does not contain these specific citations, you will be asked to revise it. Provide both in-text citations and bibliographic entries. For, e.g., the APA style, these citations would look like:(...)
    Please note especially the 2nd one, which is the key part in making this less work for the volunteers generating styles.
  • Diagnostic Histopathology: Print ISSN: 17562317

    These are the instructions received along with the invitation to write a review article:

    Reference style
    1. Indicate reference(s) in the text sequentially with superscript numerals.
    2. At the end of the article, provide a corresponding numbered reference list. This should not be alphabetised, but should appear in the same sequence as the numbers in the text.
    References to journals should include the author’s name and initials (list all authors when there are six or fewer authors, when seven authors or more list only the first three followed by et al), full title of the paper, journal’s title abbreviated according to Index Medicus, year of publication, volume number, first and last page numbers.

    Journal examples
    Nicholson A G, Cox P M, Marks C G, Cook M G. Primary malignant melanoma of the rectum. Histopathology 1993; 22: 261-264.
    Sonobe H, Furihata M, Iwata J et al. Establishment and characterisation of a new human clear-cell carcinoma line. J Pathol 1993; 169: 317-322.

    THE JOURNAL (J Pathol) is in italics and the volume is in bold font (I do not know how to illustrate that in this forum. I am sorry)

    Book example
    James D G, Scheuer P. Hepatic granulomas. In: McIntyre N, Benhamou J-P, Bircher J, Rizzeto M, Rodes J (eds). Oxford Textbook of Clinical Hepatology. Oxford: Oxford University Press 1991; 750-757.

    The textbook Oxford Textbook of Clinical Hepatology is in Italics. Again I am sorry but I do not know how to put it in italics on this screen)

    Thank you
    Kind regards
  • All MP journals have been added to the repository now.
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