In 5.0.97-beta.40+952663de7, Zutilo (3.10.) works improperly

edited August 29, 2021
In 5.0.97-beta.40+952663de7 (Windows), Zutilo (3.10.) works improperly

About two days ago, Zutilo(3.9) didn't work properly.
So today Zutilo was updated. Thanks for that.

However, in library panel, the new Zutilo work improperly.

For example, I use Alt+W for Attachment: Attach lin to URI.
When I use it in My Library panel it works fine as before.
However, in Library Panel, when I select a book and type Alt+W, the focus moves to another book.

The same thing occurs when I change the shortcut into another.
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