MacOS beta: how can I switch reader tabs with the keyboard?

edited August 28, 2021
I think the shortcuts I use the most in a PDF  reader — and by far — is the one to switch tabs. Actually this is pretty much the case in most of my MacOS apps (terminal, browser, ..), which I have all reassigned to e.g. option-command-{left,right arrows}. Most of the applications supporting tabs, this is of course much faster than switching windows. And with the new reader, I *am* going to have lots of PDFs opened all the time in Zotero.

I can’t see any way to (re)assign such a shortcut in the MacOS beta. Is there any workaround currently to do this that I might have missed (even with e.g. BetterTouchTools or anything else)? Is a configuration pane for keyboard shortcuts planned somewhere down the line?

Thanks in advance,
  • Zotero supports four standard ways of switching between tabs with the keyboard:

    1) Cmd-Shift-[ / ]
    2) Ctrl-Tab / Shift-Tab
    3) Ctrl-Pg-Up / Dn (Ctrl-Fn-up-arrow / down-arrow)
    4) Cmd-number-key

    All tabbed apps support one of those. Most support multiple.
  • Oh wow, looks like I haven’t done my research adequately then. Thanks for the answer! At least one of those is accessible to my dvorak-like keyboard so I’ll be able to remap them.

    Thank you, much appreciated!
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