in author date style iso 690 : how to add and in a citation with two author ?

je ne trouve pas où il faut rajouter le délimiteur "et" dans l'éditeur de style pour obtenir un "et" dans ma citation lorsque les auteurs sont deux.
je vais à la la ligne "citation et al" de l'éditeur de style où j'ai rajouté and="text":

l'aperçu m'indique bien ceci :
Citation(s) individuelle(s)
(Hallée et Garneau, 2019)
Citation unique (en position "first")
(Hallée et Garneau, 2019)
mais lorsque j'insère la citation j'ai une virgule entre les auteurs et non pas le "et"

Please could you explain me how to add the "and" between two authors in a citation ?
Thank you for your help !
  • Assuming you're using iso690-author-date-fr.csl, add and="text" to line 347 (the one starting with <citation) will work.

    See this guide for general instructions. Read it carefully:
  • thank you, it didn't work at my fist test because I didn't update the style in the document preferences in word. Just a new question : how to know the line number in the zotero style editor ?
  • It’s not currently shown in the built in editor (improvements to the editor are planned), but you can open the CSL file in a more fully featured programming text editor, such as Atom Editor or Visual Studio Code (both free) to see line numbers for the time being.
  • I also mentioned the line starting with <citation ... For that reason. At the bottom pretty much. Easy enough to find without line numbers. :)
  • thank you for your help
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