I cannot extract annotations from Zotero,please help

I am new to Zotero and want to manage the annotations. I don;t know the PDF should be attached to a file before and I know how to create a parents file now. Next I tried use manage the attachements to extract annotations but it dose not work, there is a big red X in the right. I only successfully extracted annoatations from one PDF, I did not find what is the difference btw the one and others.
Is there any reasons? Could anyone help with me?Thanks!
  • I found the difference now, the one successfully becasue I took notes from normal PDF reader so Zotero can extract the annotations but all of the notes I did in Zotero PDF reader could not extract the annotations, even I can add item note from annotations on the right place. Is it normal?
  • It sounds like you are trying to use Zotfile. With the new Zotero PDF reader, Zotfile isn’t necessary—annotations are automatically extracted.
  • I got it, thank you!!But I want to ask how can extract the annotations to obsidians if I use the Zotero PDF reader?
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