Word (for Mac) Footnote Marker Style

I have added a macro to the Normal template in Word that intercepts the "Insert Footnote" command and changes the superscripted footnote marker to normal font followed by a period and space. The footnote reference in the body of the text remains superscripted. This is a way around the fact that Word forces the same style for footnote markers in the body and in the note...

But when I add a citation with Zotero, my macro does not intercept the insertion, so it puts the superscripted footnote marker in the note, and I have to change the style manually. Any thoughts on how to address this? Does Zotero add footnotes without calling the "Insert Footnote" command? Is there a way to intercept whatever command Zotero uses to create footnotes?
  • This is where I found the macro instructions for intercepting the Insert Footnote command. It works great except when I add citations via Zotero!

  • I think the effect you want to achieve can be done more simply in another way. I've used a Word template that had the same size footnote reference as the footnote text (not in the body of the text, the footnote reference marker for that was superscripted). We didn't use a macro to achieve this, instead we simply modified the Footnote Text Style to Superscript, so it sat on the same line as the footnote reference marker (and changed the size of the font as well). This worked fine, although occasionally Zotero didn't display it correctly but simply re-applying the Footnote Text style fixed it. It doesn't let you add the period or space, although that can be easily achieved through Find/Replace in Word (you can find a 'Footnote Mark' using Find with Options.
  • That is certainly a creative suggestion! Thanks! I don't think it quite gets what I'm looking for, though. If I need to use Find/Replace to add the period, then I might as well change the superscription by the same means (this is what I've done in the past). I'm trying to automate that process... though I'm probably spending more time figuring it out than it takes to manually change it, haha.
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