Citations wint load

I am on a Mac Word having transferred my doc from google drive because of same issue. The citations work fine, then all of a sudden there is an error and I have to close down Zotero and citations won't work. Then they work again for a while. Repeat. Is making me wish I went with Endnote.

Anyway, will try a few more attempts to see if I can get it working smoothly as it's wasting my time at the moment, would appreciate any help

Have gone through the word issues document in help section - copy and pasted into new doc, renamed file with no spaces, no tracked changes, yadi yada

the Report code is 1600693905

  • Sorry for the trouble. There's no reason to spend more time on trying to fix a document beyond trying the troubleshooting instructions, feel free to post here and we'll try to help. Could you take step 10 of Troubleshooting Errors in Word Processor Documents and send us a broken snippet. There is definitely something broken in your document/references, but we need a way to reproduce it ourselves to fix it.
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