Name parsing with compound names, like "de Ridder"

Zotero style Chicago 17th author-date is treating a compound name differently in the in-text reference and the bibliographic entry. The in-text citation in this case is (de Ridder, Kroese, and van Gestel 2021), a 3-author journal article. But in the bibliography, the citation is:

Ridder, Denise de, Floor Kroese, and Laurens van Gestel. 2021. “Nudgeability: Mapping Conditions of Susceptibility to Nudge Influence.” Perspectives on Psychological Science, August, 1745691621995183.

So anyone looking for the item alphabetically would find it under the Rs rather than the Ds.

The Zotero library entry has the last name of the first author as "de Ridder" and the first name as "Denise".
  • (I vaguely recall that there's a long discussion on this on github showing that the current behavior is correct for Chicago, but I'll double-check)
  • Thanks, adamsmith. My only point is that the in-text and reference list treatment ought to be the same -- that is, either following the user's specification in the library entry, or some rule-based treatment.

    Thank you.
  • Hello, Adamsmith. Circling back on this particular question on whether the in-text citation and reference list entry should treat the names the same.

    Zotero's Style Preview shows that different styles treat the issue differently. Many match the in-text and reference list -- e.g., Elsevier - Harvard (with titles) and MLA 9th -- but Chicago does not. So perhaps Chicago differs in this respect deliberately, although it sure seems odd.

    Thank you.

  • If I recall the style manual for Chicago correctly, this is the correct behavior.
  • Thanks, bwiernik.

    I yield to the wisdom of Chicago.

    Thanks, all.
  • I knew I'd read about this discussion elsewhere. It appears that different countries and languages do things differently. See the discussion at and more detail at
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