Unable to log in with Google Doc

I am trying to use the Zotero in Google Doc. When I click "Add/edit citation", the pop-up window says the following:

Zotero experienced an error updating your document.

Would you like to view troubleshooting instructions?

When I click the Zotero symbol over the Google Doc, it jumps to sign in with my google account (By the way I use my personal ID and password that are different from the ones for Google account). When I sign in the Google account as the pop-up window says, it goes back to Google Doc, although I cannot still use the Zotero over Google Doc...

Can someone help me out?
  • You need to choose the same Google account you used originally when you created the document. If you choose a different account, you'll get an error. It doesn't have any connection to your Zotero account.
  • Thank you for the immediate reply! I noticed that I was trying to log in with another Google account... I can use Zotero in Google Doc now. Thanks again!
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