Beyond Alphabetical Ordering of Collections

So far as I know, there is no way to organize collections (or saved searches) in anything but alphabetical order. For me, this is *the* single factor preventing me from placing Zotero at the center of my knowledge management workflow. Manual ordering of collections and subcollections (and sub-subcollections) would offer an extraordinarily powerful way to organize projects and literature reviews without the need to constantly migrate between Zotero and applications with easily customizable outlining options.

I'm not a developer but those who have done such amazing work with the annotation extraction tools have created an amazing tool that is now steps away from an integrated academic workflow. So close...and yet.

Also, if I missed a simple way to manually organize collections, please forgive me and perhaps point me in the right direction?

  • No free sorting is currently available.

    One available option is to put punctuation or special characters as the first character of the collection name. That will sort them to the top. (I use Emoji relevant to the collection.)

    Another option is to add numbers to control sorting.
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