Working with Zotero and Tinderbox

Zotero is a mainstay app for me, I'm using it every day, all day. So is Tinderbox. Zotero, at last for me, is the best reference manager our there. On the surface, Tinderbox is a note-taking tool, once you master it is the most comprehensive end-to-end knowledge management tool-insight collection, curation, creation, and contribution--I've ever come across.

I recently published a video on YouTube (, as part of my Mastering Tinderbox series, that illustrates how to use Zotero with Tinderbox (at least in my workflow). In the video, I also provide an overview (details forthcoming) of how I use Tinderbox and Zotero with BetterBibTex, a modified Zotero RIS translator (thanks to @emilianoeheyn, @dstillman @adamsmith for helping me with the translator), and Pandoc to automatically pull citations from Zotero when previewing social media posts and articles in Tinderbox. It also works for exporting out of Tinderbox, but I don't show this in this video.

I thought this might be useful to someone. Enjoy.
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