Okay the iPad syncing is totally awesome (i.e. works so well!)

I’ve begun testing the iOS app with the beta MacOS app, and I’m really impressed. I’ve put a couple PDFs in my local library (I use group libraries mostly but have moved some papers in my local library precisely to be able to use the reader), did some highlighting yesterday while having no web access with the iPad, today I just open the cover of my iPad and in a matter of seconds, without any intervention, the modifications appear on my local file (which was open on my MBP). No manual sync, no reopening/refreshing of the file, no delay, no modifications missing.

I’ve been trying to get this simple workflow to work for literally months (years?) with Google Drive/folder syncing, external PDF editors, etc. and have always run sooner or later into problems. Never got it to work so smoothly. And Zotero 5 is still in beta...

I’m really impressed. Awesome work. This is really a game changer for somebody who’s job involves reading paper for half of his work hours.

Plus, the readers are really responsive, have a great clean interface. Love it all, really.
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