New style that shows a note field

Hi, I'm am tasked with creating a new style for Zotero that includes a note field to display at the end of a bibliographical citation. Is this possible? If so, what field do I use in Zotero to put the note in. The note would be in bold text.
Kamyszek RW, Leraas HJ, Reed C, et al. Massive transfusion in the pediatric population: A systematic review and summary of best-evidence practice strategies. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2019;86(4):744-754. (Systematic Review)
  • The way I'd do this is to enter
    annote: Systematic Review
    in the Extra field in Zotero and then add
    <text variable="annote" prefix=". (" suffix=")"/>
    at the end of your style. You can use other variables than annote, but that'd be the logical choice.
    You cannot cite the content of actual Zotero notes, though.
  • Thanks Adam! I think adding the "Systematic review" to the extra field is what I was looking for. However, when I tried to edit the style, it didn't change. Am I supposed to remove all the "text variable" fields in the code? Thanks!!
  • Make sure you cha he the name, ID etc. As explained here.

    Otherwise Zotero cannot differentiate between the two styles.
  • Also, make sure that the extra field is exactly as I have it above. The "annote:" part needs to be there exactly as I have it.
  • OK, thank you both!
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