Options for changing line spacing in APA format?

The official APA citation requires double spacing the bibliography and the apa.csl reflects that. However, Im writing a Word paper for an organization that requires a single-spaced bibliography but follows APA formatting otherwise. This is an organization I interact with alot, so I would like to create a new style, rather than manually reformat the bibliography, which requires remembering and leads to errors/rejections because of needing to manually reformat.

I copied the apa.csl in my Zotero app files, edited it for single line spacing, and added it to the available styles with a new filename, but that does not work (bibliography continues to be double spaced). I can tell Im using the edited style because I changed the title and short name and see the new style in my list of styles.

I saw another post in the forum (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/85217/newly-added-style-not-showing-up-in-zotero-style-preview) that seemed to suggest that if I was changing a "standard style" I would need to do more than just edit the style but that post was about a different issue and didnt have enough detail on my question to allow me to successfully edit the style.

Any suggestions for how to do this, so that I end up with an APA (single spaced) and (unmodified) APA styles that I can choose from when creating a reference list/bibliography for a paper?

Im using Word 360 for a Mac with the Zotero plugin.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions.
  • Hello,
    Have you found a solution to this? I have manually edited apa.csl to change the "line-spacing" option (was 2, changed to 1 at line 1878 using a text editor) and imported the modified style to Zotero. Unfortunately, this did not change the line spacing in the bibliography. There is also the option "entry-spacing" but it is already 0.
  • I forgot to try and see what happens in "Style preview". It seems to be OK there (though still double-spaced in Word).
  • edited September 17, 2021
    You want to look at the "Bibliography" style in Word directly. I think it's called Styles and Formatting.
    Another option is to switch citation styles to a completely different one and try in a new document.
  • For this specific case though, there is an APA (single-spaced) style in the repository.
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