iOS beta: if I sync attachments, will modifications made in an external PDF editor sync?

So I’m starting to use the iOS Zotero client ; I plan to use my Apple Pencil, most probably, to annotate things. While such "pen" annotations aren’t yet supported in the mobile client, if I open the sync’ed attachment in another PDF editor and edit it there, will those modifications sync back to Zotero servers?

I think it could put less pressure on the iOS reader development if this was the case! i.e. something missing? Edit somewhere else in the meantime.

  • There isn’t a way to copy the file back to the Zotero app, no. On iOS, each app has its own isolated file storage, and apps need to pass copies of items back and forth to interoperate.
  • Right, thanks for the answer!
  • I was looking for exactly the same feature, the ability to use the Apple Pencil.
    Are there any plans to support the pencil in your PDF viewer?
    Or is there another possible workaround?

  • I'm using the pencil, which isn't perfect (you can't replace misrecognised words with one of the alternative suggestions by clicking on the alternative suggestion) but it works well enough for use.
  • Yeah at least the pencil works for highlighting stuff, but I agree it would be great to be able to write/draw with it too!
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