sorting items within collections vs global sorting

edited August 18, 2021
In the MacOS Desktop app, when I change the sort order anywhere, it applies that sort order everywhere. E.g. if I change the view of one collection so that the items are sorted by Date Added ascending, every other collection and the main library will adopt the same sorting.

I would really prefer set the sort order of each collection and the main library independently.

I find it frustrating to need to change the sort order every time I switch between the main library and a collection. I keep thinking that I'm missing something, but I can't find anything in the forums on this (but sorry if I just overlooked it).

Is there a way for different collections to retain individual view settings rather than having a single global settings that applies to every collection? It'd be amazing to be able to change how the items in one collection are sorted without that changing how the main library items are sorted.

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