Zotero iOS WebDAV request

As far as I understand, WebDAV support is planned but no ETA is available. As far as I understand, it’s one of the most requested features. Can community support development of that feature?
I remember times, ZotPad was not free and it was pricey. Nevertheless, I paid and was happy it became free after development finished.
So, can I make a donation to boost WebDAV feature development?
  • I'm curious. If you are willing to make a meaningful donation to a WebDav development project, why not use that money to buy Zotero storage and support Zotero development?
  • That's is a reasonable question. In my mind these are two different things. One is a data storage service, another is a software development. I'm interested in supporting the later, not the former.
    That said, if the official response is "Pay for X Gb of storage and get WebDAV feature in Y months" I'm also satisfied.
    I lack some transparency. WebDAV is "planned" but when is totally unclear to me. If for example the plan is to release it in v2.0, I prefer to change iOS for Android.
  • I am ready to support the developers as well (to boost webdav for ios development). I use Synology for most of my storage requirements and do as much as I can to move everything to my home server(s). For people like me, cloud storage is not an option.
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