AnyStyle source document of poor quality

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I use AnyStyle frequently but it is only as good as the quality of the original text (OCRed from a pdf). Often the result is great with very little editing required. But sometimes it is frustrating. I hope that someone can offer suggestions that can help me and other AnyStyle/Zotero users who encounter similar obstacles.

We've been asked to bring numerous printed bibliographies from the 1930s through mid-1960s into Zotero but the source quality is so poor that it is truly troublesome. I wonder about the best way to go about this. Should I edit the OCR before using AnyStyle? Should I just use AnyStyle and bring the result into Zotero and edit it there? The particular problem I have is casing of author names (most but not all in upper case), spacing of author initials, mixed casing of journal abbreviations, and extra spaces (and missing spaces) throughout. (Might there be a "smarter" OCR program of which I'm unaware?)

Might Zotero soon have a right-click mechanism to fix all-caps author names?
I can manually change case using my text editor but even with a keyboard macro that is really tedious to do one-by-one. ( I recognize that some-to-many of Zotero's translators will accomplish this automatically but not upon import from clipboard or files.)

For example:

MURPHY, M. M. Hand preferences of three diagnostic groups of severely deficient males. Percept. mot. skills, 1962, 14, 508.
NIELSON, H.H. Visual-motor functioning of cerebral palsied and normal children. Nord. Psykol., 1962, 14, 43-103.

ORRO, W., & Lasswell, A. Relationship of secondary beginning strokes in handwriting to reading ability. percept. mot. Skills, 1962, 14, 530.

Pierson, W. R., & RASCH, P. J. Strength and speed. Percept. mot. Skills, 1962, 14, 144.
PINNEO, L. R. T h e effects of ind uced muscle tension during tracking on level of activa- tion and on performance. J . exp. Psychol., 1961, 62, 523-531.

PoRrEus, S. D. Maze test reports. Percept. mot. skills, 1962, 14, 58. (3230)

PRADO, W. M., PEYMAN, D. A., & LACEY, 0. L. A vali dat ion study of measures of flattened affect on the Bender-Gestalt test. J . din. Psychol., 1960, 16, 435-438.

PRINS, T.D. Motor and auditory abilities in different groups of children with articula
tory deviations. J . speech hear. Res., 1962, 5, 161-168.

PURDY, B. J., & LOCKHART, A. Retention and relearning of gross motor skills after
long periods of no practice. Res. Quart., 1962, 33, 265-272.

Rather than trying to edit the OCRed text, I wonder if it would be easier to hire a typist to work from the fairly legible original.

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