Add Zotero URI to RIS export

Hey there,

Quick question. I've had so much success with the modified BetterBix Text RIS translator that passes the citationKey on export, love it (see

Here is my question, is there a way to have the Zotero URI included in the RIS export?
  • I'm pretty sure you can just add

    anywhere to the field map ( Replace "L5" with your choice of an otherwise unused RIS tag (ideally use something that won't occur in actual RIS, not sure what Zotero will do if you try to write the uri on impor)
  • Thanks. I tried this, but it could not get it to work. I guess I don't know what I'm doing. The other way around this, if the URI is too hard to get, how could I add the itemID to the RIS? I can construct the URI in the other app I'm working on, e.g. Tinderbox. Again, my apologies, I really wish I was more conversant in the coding arts.

    What I'm looking to do is to either pass the ItemID, or butter yet the uri, in the RIS so that I can get back to the item from my other apps.
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    Hey, I figured it out. :-)

    I added this line: if (item.uri) addTag('LC', item.uri);

    Seems to work great!

    But now the issue is, when I click the URI it does not actually take me to the item in my library, it just opens my library? Any ideas what might be wrong?
  • Thanks Michael, that's helpful. But I also have the same problem on the item link.

    I think that this "should" work now. I've even looked at the url-handler code in the app and a link of the form zotero://open-pdf/library/users/QGXMEW5Z (easily made in Tinderbox) is correct.

    Are these handlers not yet working with the new pdf reader in Zotero?

    Or is there something wrong about the form of our requests?

    Thanks very much!
  • Thanks. Not sure, think we need the Zotero team at this point to respond and let us know what we might be doing wrong.
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