Importing References to Zotero from Covidence

I am working with a team trying to upload references that have been exported from Covidence in RIS format. Zotero doesn't seem to recognize the format when I use the upload file option. I have also tried saving them in EndNote and exporting an XML format file.

Am I using the wrong import option? Any help much appreciated.
  • Zotero absolutely supports the import of RIS (a standard format).
    Can you explain what you mean by the "upload file option"?

    Generally, you should use File>> Import.
  • That's why I was wondering if I missed something obvious.
    I have been clicking on the "+" sign at the top of the library, then selecting "upload file" option.
    I'm on the web interface, using Firefox.
  • There's no import option in the web interface, you need the desktop software (for this and many other advanced options)
  • Well that would explain it. Will download the desktop version and see how far I get with it.

    Thanks everyone!
  • any luck solving this? I have same problem
  • @ebba1987 which problem do you have? Zotero absolutely supports the import of RIS (a standard format). Did you use the desktop application for RIS import?
  • @LiborA I think I just figured the problem. It is Covidence issue not Zotero! I don't know why it does export an empty file (0Kb in size).. I will try to solve it but thank you for your response!
  • @ebba1987 you are welcome. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you with problems on the Covidence site.
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