Managed install automatic updates issue

edited August 11, 2021

I was just informed by my IT department, who is managing the installs and updates on our company computers for security reasons, that, Zotero "...isn't an application we'll be actively maintaining as...the update cannot be automated. See:". They said it was related to how the binaries are built.

Unfortunately, I don't understand the information available at the link, so I apologize if this was already fully answered there.

Is this something that might be resolved with version 6? Is there another solution that I could offer my IT team, or someone I could put them in touch with to get it worked out? If not, are there any plans to accommodate automatic updating in a corporate security context in the future?

  • Not sure if the person who opened that is from your IT department, but if not, can you ask them to respond to the question I've posted there?
  • @ssmithtr: OK, we've implemented proper .exe versioning for future versions. (They shouldn't need to wait for another release — even though the current Zotero 5 release version still uses, the next version will use, e.g.,, and >, so it'd be safe to support now.)
  • @dstillman Thanks for following up. That was not our IT dept, but I passed along your message to reply and I will pass this latest update on to them as well. Hopefully this is what they needed. Thanks again for putting your time into this!
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