combing separate in-text citations in a Word Processor?

In the strange circumstance that I have an in-text citation that reads like Sentence (Citation1) (Citation2), how do I merge the two citations into one (Citation1; Citation2) without having to delete and retype everything?
  • Click the first citation, click Add/Edit Citation, and add the second one to the list, then delete the second one.

    The ability to merge adjacent citations will be added in a future version.
  • Is this feature difficult to add? Is any way to promote this feature?
    I would like to reshape citations looking like this:
    Manual correction looks impractical.
  • Main thread for merging adjacent citations is here. (Most of the thread is people not understanding that multi-item citations are already possible, but once you're in your situation, I agree that it would be tedious to merge them.) We'll look into adding this soon.
  • thanks, @dstillman it really is tedious. Hopefully someone of the zotero team will find the time rather soon :) Thanks for all your hard work!
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