Can Zotero create a list of authors?

Looking to create a list of authors that is updated with their recent publications, is this possible in Zotero?
  • Please say more about what you want or envision -- especially about "recent" publications. Do you want a report that appears something like:

    Aardvark, Aaron
    Article title. journal name, nn(nn): 2021
    Another title. journal name, nn(nn): 2019

    Badenough, Boris
    Another article title. journal name, nn(nn): 2021
    And still another title. journal name, nn(nn): 2018

    or do you want something else?
  • I'm looking for a way to create the author list for an NSF CoA form. I have a large number of papers with many authors. I need full names, not just last name and initials.

    At a minimum I need a style that lists all authors with full names in a bibliography from which we can then extract the names to update the form.
  • Nothing easy. What I'd do is Export to CSV, which separates multiple authors by ;, then split on ; and de-duplicate that list.
  • sounds reasonable. Thanks!
    What style will give me a complete author list with full first and last names (or how do I tweak a style that lists all authors but abbreviates names)?
  • CSV is an export format (right-click --> Export selected items) and would do that. Because it delimits systematically with ;, it's also particularly easy to parse -- any reason that wouldnt work?
  • That works very well. Thank you!
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