Release date for Zotero 6

I just wondered if you had any idea of a possible release for Zotero 6? I'm using an M1 iMac and not on the beta but really looking forward to having Safari Connector back and Zotero for iOS. Might dark mode be in 6 also?

Thanks for all your hard work
  • Is there a zotero for android in the plan?
  • +1! I'd also like to have an estimated release date for Zotero 6
  • Zotero generally does not announce release dates because they are subject to change. The Zotero iOS app is available in a public beta:

    The Safari connector is available if you install the Zotero desktop beta. This is required because an Apple bug in Safari sometimes causes the connector to be removed after an update, requiring Zotero to be reinstalled. A Zotero developer has mentioned that bugs in Safari’s new WebExtensions plugin system seem to have been fixed in Big Sur, so the Safari Connector might be available with the release version of Zotero again once Big Sur is released.
  • Big Sur is the current OS. Perhaps, Monterey scheduled for Fall 2021?
  • My iOS beta certificate will expire in about 40 days. Not sure if this indicates the finalisation of beta testing. Looking forward to the release of both PC and iOS versions
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