Zotero beta: total lock up of my MBP (memory leak) — is a report useful to the devs?

I’ve been trying the Zotero beta for MacOS for a couple days — and it truly is great. However, today I’ve had a total OS lock up ("your Mac doesn’t have enough free memory") with a pop up indicating Zotero wasn’t responding. I wasn’t doings anything really extraordinary (had a couple PDFs opened in the new preview feature).

Is some kind of bug reporting useful for the devs for the beta? I didn’t have logging enabled, but I can enable it for future reports.

Thanks and thank you for the awesome work!
  • There's no particular reason to think Zotero caused that — if your system ran out of memory, all running apps would be affected — but if you think it might have, you can keep Activity Monitor running and open to the Memory tab, sorted by Memory descending, and keep an eye on the figures as you use Zotero. If you see that number growing continuously for Zotero (e.g., above 1 GB and not going down), we'd want to know.

    How much memory does your MBP have?
  • You’re right, maybe my base assumption (Zotero being the culprit) is wrong ; maybe I’ve been mislead by the pop up showing Zotero not responding. But I didn’t have a lot of apps opened, my MBP has 16GB of RAM, and I can’t recall one single occurrence of running out of memory since I’ve owned it. All apps were actually affected since the OS completely locked up (had to manually power cycle the laptop).

    I guess we’ll blame it on the tech devils for this time ;-)

    I’ll keep an eye on the memory footprint and report back if needed.

    Thanks for the reply !
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