How to stop automatic import from Scopus

Hey there -
When I export ris files from Scopus they automatically export directly to whatever Zotero folder is open. Could you tell me how to change settings so they export elsewhere (ie, so I can select where the ris file itself with live). Or is this a setting I need to address in Scopus?

Mac OS 10.15.7
  • How exactly are you importing? The Zotero Connector's automatic RIS interception shows the same save popup you get from the Save to Zotero button, which allows you to change the target collection.
  • I'm selecting all records from a search in Scopus, selecting Export, choosing RIS as the file format, and clicking on Export. There is no pop up window asking where I'd like to save or what I'd like to name the file, like the ones I see with other databases. It just automatically starts the import into whichever folder I happen to have open in Zotero (the box shows up in the upper right corner under the browser extension icon, telling me which folder it's importing to). What I'd like to do is save it to my downloads or desktop so I can hang on to the RIS file itself, and not accidentally import those searchers into random folders that I've forgotten I had selected.
    Thanks for your help!
  • the box shows up in the upper right corner under the browser extension icon, telling me which folder it's importing to
    That's the save popup I'm referring to. If you just want to choose a different Zotero collection to save to, you can just do so there. This is the same as if you used the Save to Zotero button.

    If you don't want RIS files to be automatically imported, you can turn that off in the General pane of the Zotero Connector preferences.

    Note that this only happens if you previously told Zotero to do this, and told it not to prompt again for Scopus specifically — otherwise it would be asking you each time.
  • Okay great, thank you!
    Does this mean that I could still import to Zotero using the browser extension (it just wouldn't be automatic)?
    Thanks as always for your help!
  • Sure. You can always use the Save to Zotero button. You can also just remove Scopus from the list and still use RIS export for large searches, and Zotero will just ask you each time what you want to do. If you say no, you'll get the standard browser save behavior.
  • perfect, thanks!
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