Zotero only saves snapshots now

I use Chrome connector on an imac, all is updated. 90% of the time everything Zotero grabs is wrong or placed in wrong field, everything is done as a snapshot. For every citation, I have to manually fix all the fields.
Example this article for Current Affairs: https://www.currentaffairs.org/2017/10/why-you-hate-contemporary-architectureOr this obit from the NY Times:https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/19/obituaries/nathan-glazer-dead.html
  • For Current Affairs, we just don't have a translator, and the site doesn't provide very good embedded metadata. I've opened an issue.

    The NYT obit should save fine, and does for me. If you're getting incorrect metadata 90% of the time it sounds like something is wrong with your installation. See Troubleshooting Problems Saving to Zotero.
  • @Marells: We've now added a Current Affairs translator. Your Zotero Connector should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Translators in the Advanced pane of the Zotero Connector preferences.
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