PDF reader on MacOS: Menu command duplicating the "zoom to page width" button?

On MacOS, using system settings, I can give a keyboard shortcut of my choosing to any command that appears in a menu. The "zoom to page width" command in Zotero's beta PDF reader currently has a button but not a menu entry, so I can't give it a shortcut. Could you duplicate it on to a menu somewhere?

Relatedly, I realize simplicity is a virtue here, but a "zoom to page height" command would be very useful, or a setting that lets me view one page at a time (rather than a continuous series of pages).

Thanks, and overall, great work with the editor! The new system has brought all my sources into closer conversation with each other. I've been using Zotfile for years but am now getting much more value out of my annotations. I think it's fair to say that this materially improves my research and writing.
  • We'll look into it adding the zoom options to the menus, but note that Cmd-0 is already mapped to "Automatically Resize", which might do what you want in some situations.
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