How to synchronize between groups and own library?

Dear all,
first: English is not my mother tongue. I'll hopefully be able to express my point nonetheless.

I have - as all Zotero-users - my own library. And I started a group with a colleague. I've drawn/copied certain entries of my library to that group. My problem: When I change something in that group (e.g. a title or something in the notes) I does not change in my own library. Is that normal? I hope not :) So what can I do?

Thanks for any advices! (And please excuse if my question is too stupid but I simply did not find any answers to that question.)

Have a nice day!
  • No syncing or merging of items between libraries at the moment. To update items, you have to delete the items in the target library and drag the items again from the source library. (If you're not running the Zotero beta, you also have to empty the trash first.) We know this isn't an ideal workflow and we're planning to improve it in the future.
  • Thanks! That's the way I figured out yesterday, too. Well, as you said: no ideal workflow. It would we be so great to improve that! Besides that: Zotero is great!
  • Zotero, available now, will ignore previously dragged items in the trash when dragging.
  • Thanks for the information!
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