Zotero 5 + Word 365 for Mac 16.51 - "Zotero Integration Error"

Zotero has been working fine on my computer but for a couple of weeks now I am getting an error whenever I click on any Zotero button in the Word ribbon.

I submitted the following log: D1208177711

I have also done the following:
1. Reinstalled Zotero
2. Gone through all troubleshooting steps at https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/debugging_broken_documents as linked in the error.
3. Used Zotero to reinstall the Word plugin
4. Manually reinstalled the plugin

The error comes up in a blank/new document as well as existing documents that I have previously used with Zotero. I am not able to update/edit/add any additional citations to them.
  • NS_ERROR_FAILURE Exception: The operation couldn't be completed. (OSStatus error -600.) @[getDocument:application.m:85]

    @simile007: Sorry, ignore the notification for my previous message — I responded to the wrong thread.

    If this occurs in a new document then the debugging steps wouldn't be relevant (as it says at the top).

    I assume you've tried restarting your computer?

    Can you confirm that, if you remove Zotero.dotm from the Word startup folder and restart Word, the Zotero toolbar disappears, and if you then reinstall it, the toolbar reappears and the problem still occurs in a new document?

    If so, one thing to try would be creating a new macOS user account to see if there's something in your existing user account that might be interfering.
  • Aaah! You know how it is in the middle of a draft and you don’t restart the computer!? There was a pending OS update. I restarted and it’s working fine now. Thanks.
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