Localization Question: Sort Orders

Quick question: The sorting of item-types looks a little strange after it's been localized: they are still sorted according to English alphabetical order (Kunstwerk [Artwork] first) rather than the localized alphabetical order. Might it be worth it to change that behavior? It would make quickly finding the type of item you want easier.

By the way: I posted another localization issue in troubleshooting, but it might belong under developers instead. Feel free to move it.
  • edited October 27, 2006
    Yeah, it's sorting by the item type name in the DB at the moment, which is obviously totally wrong. To do this properly we'll need to add custom collation functions (in JS, that is — SQLite lets you define custom collation functions, but there's no support for that in mozStorage yet, and we'll need the sorting elsewhere in the interface and for the biblio functionality (there's a thread about that elsewhere)).

    In the interim, though, we'll at least sort by the localized string.
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