Bulk hide child items before creating bibliography

I want to create a bibliography of all entries that contain a given word anywhere (title, tags, notes etc). The search for that word gives me a view of every entry as a parent and its child / children. I cannot find a way to prevent the child being shown even though I have no interest in the child, only the parent. A bibliography of this parent+child view shows every parent but also every child item (pdf, notes etc) which is not what I want - I want a bibliography constructed only from the parent items.
I can achieve this manually by going down the result of the search and closing each child item by clicking on the arrow against the parent. Since my list contains many hundreds of items, this is not an efficient use of time.
I'm guessing there's a way either to search so that child items are not shown in the first place, or to hide child items in bulk - but what is it?
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