intaking pdf documents from adobe acrobat


I have added pdf documents to zotero by dragging the pdf into the library, but then there is no bibliographical info on these items (just a vague title) and no way to edit this info--but I don't want to manually edit all this info.

Zotero doesn't seem to work with adobe acrobat to intake a document with all its information--how can I make this happen? Do I really have to add all these by hand? I have hundreds of pdf documents that I wanted to add into Zotero, how do I get Zotero to intake the information like it will from the web?
  • What sort of documents are these? For journal articles, Zotero should automatically find the metadata when you drag the PDF to the library for at least 80% of sources. If that's not the case, would you be able to link to some examples?

    Other material, though, you're very likely going to have to enter by hand, which you can do after using right-click --> Create parent item on a PDF.
  • Thank you for the quick response! Yes, I see this works for journal articles. This was a report from WHO, I assumed this is how it worked for any pdf (was the first one I tried). Most of the resources I want to get into Zotero are articles. Thanks for the info on creating the parent item--this was the screen I didn't know how to get to for that report.
  • It really works for all PDFs. In the first step create a parent entry and then you can manually change the type of document to report. If the document has an ISBN then you can use import data by Zotero.
  • (I think the point it that it only works _automatically_ for articles)
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