PDF viewer on MaxOS Zotero beta slow to load pages

I love the new built-in PDF viewer for Zotero in the MaxOS beta. However, it has been struggling to deal with large PDFs with lots of images, which is common for digitized versions of old textbooks.

As a particularly extreme example, I'm looking at a PDF for "Nonequilibrium statistical thermodynamics" by Zubarev, which weighs a hefty 55 MB. When I open it in MacOS Preview or in PDF Guru a scroll to a random page, it takes about (I'm ballparking) 0.1-0.3 seconds for the page to be painted to the screen, but when I open it in the built-in Zotero PDF reader it takes 2-3 seconds. This make skimming through the document infeasibly slow.

That example is extreme, but it often takes significantly more than 1 second to paint pages even from smaller PDFs, e.g., "Hydrodynamic Fluctuations, Broken Symmetry, And Correlation Functions" by Forster, at 8 MB, or "Open Quantum Systems: A Mathematical Perspective" by Bahns et al., at 3 MB.

Would love to see this sped up in future version. Thanks!
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