Zotero Word Plugin crashes if "find and replace" window is open (Juris-M)

This is the first time I managed to reliably reproduce this error. As I assume it'll do the same for vanilla Zotero (I assume this might have more to do with the Word Plugin than Juris-M in the first place), I'm posting this here:

When the "find and replace" window is open in Word, and you edit a citation using the Word Plugin, it returns the "Jurism experienced an error updating your document" error that links to the "Debugging broken documents" page. Closing the "find and replace" window, then undoing the edit (as in, CTRL + Z) fixes the broken citation, returning it to as it was before the edit. When then editing the citation again without the "find and replace" window open, everything works as intended.

I'm not sure if this is because of something specifically related to the "find and replace" window, or if this just generally happens when Word has multiple windows open.

Might be something to add to the "Debugging broken documents" page.
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