Zotero on Windows Won't Show Up

edited July 23, 2021
For some reasons, my Zotero window got stuck on startup twice the past few days. No window shows up after running Zotero.

I'm using the latest beta version. The only change I made recently was trying to write a plugin but I already removed the plugin.

Restarting the computer will fix the problem but this never happened before. Please help. Thank you!

The debug below:


zotero(3)(+0000000): monkey-patch: 5.0.97-beta.33+fdcd4e51c: BBT enabled

zotero(3)(+0000358): Using data directory C:\Users\MYNAME\Zotero

zotero(3)(+0000002): BBT: loading content/LinkLocalFiles.ts

zotero(3)(+0000000): BBT: loaded content/LinkLocalFiles.ts

zotero(3)(+0000014): Asynchronously opening database 'zotero'

zotero(3)(+0000000): C:\Users\MYNAME\Zotero\zotero.sqlite

zotero(4)(+0000029): PRAGMA main.locking_mode=EXCLUSIVE

zotero(4)(+0000002): PRAGMA page_size

zotero(4)(+0000002): PRAGMA cache_size=250

zotero(4)(+0000001): PRAGMA foreign_keys=true

zotero(4)(+0000259): SELECT version FROM version WHERE schema='system'

zotero(3)(+0000143): Proxy not required for https://zoteroproxycheck.s3.amazonaws.com/test

zotero(4)(+0000006): SELECT version FROM version WHERE schema='userdata'

zotero(4)(+0000003): SELECT version FROM version WHERE schema='compatibility'

zotero(3)(+0000287): Setting mode to note

zotero(3)(+0000009): Setting mode to note

zotero(3)(+0000005): Setting mode to note

zotero(3)(+0000005): Setting mode to note

zotero(4)(+0000011): SELECT value FROM settings WHERE setting='db' AND key='integrityCheck'

zotero(3)(+0000042): HTTP GET resource://zotero/schema/global/schema.json

zotero(3)(+0000019): HTTP GET resource://zotero/schema/global/schema.json succeeded with 200

zotero(4)(+0000006): SELECT version FROM version WHERE schema='globalSchema'

zotero(3)(+0000026): Database is up to date with global schema version 13 -- skipping update

zotero(3)(+0000001): HTTP GET resource://zotero/schema/userdata.sql

zotero(3)(+0000013): HTTP GET resource://zotero/schema/userdata.sql succeeded with 200

zotero(4)(+0000001): PRAGMA foreign_keys = false

zotero(4)(+0000392): Beginning DB transaction ER8ODz1x

zotero(3)(+0000020): {Zutilo} Fri Jul 23 2021 11:37:28 GMT+0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time): copyTags


zotero(3)(+0000029): PluginInstaller: fetching addon info

zotero(3)(+0000004): PluginInstaller: addon info fetched

zotero(3)(+0000019): BBT startup

zotero(3)(+0000002): {better-bibtex} +null Loading Better BibTeX: starting...

  • Does it happens with third-party plugins (e.g., BBT) disabled?
  • The message "BBT: loaded content/LinkLocalFiles.ts" is not actually from bbt, it is from zotero-link-local-files where I forgot to remove this message,from the logging module I copied over.
  • Hi it turns out Zotero appears after a few hours (I was doing other things). I felt BBT might not be the issue since I've always been using it.

    But I noticed a red alert on the top right telling me two of my entries have abstracts that are too long. I've deleted those two (could it be that it triggered some Zotero self-check that takes time to run on startup?) and waiting if this happens again.

    Thanks for the responses.
  • No, under no circumstances should Zotero take more than a few seconds (or perhaps a few minutes for an extremely large library) to start.
  • Ah it's happening again, https://ibb.co/mSXmKvN

    Let me see if disable BBT will fix it.
  • edited July 24, 2021
    If it does, please let me know on github. "the past few days" coincides with the release of BBT 5.4.28. My test suite includes a cold-start startup test (worst case scenario where all citekeys need to be regenerated) with 24k items and I've not seen a regression on that, so if it is BBT doing this, it's something that is not covered by my test suite.
  • @emilianoeheyns Will do! Thanks so much for your work!

    I just had a crash and submitted the error report at 1607747216. It might not be related, but it's the first crash ever so I'm posting it here for refrence.
  • I cannot read those reports unfortunately, but I don't usually need a crash log to get a diagnosis. I get the most information if you restart Zotero with debug logging on (in the help menu), let it start up (which in your case, unfortunately, might take long), and send a BBT support log from the help menu (they will have -apse or -euc in the ID). If you post that on github I'll get right on it. It's not great that it only happens sometimes (right?). Heisenbugs are the worst.

    If BBT is misbehaving to the point that you can't send a log that way, https://github.com/retorquere/zotero-debug-log will work. Same procedure, but "Send debug log to file.io" instead.
  • Thanks! I've enabled the debug logging in case any strange behaviours happen again and I'll repot here and on the BBT repo. For now it seems to be working all right.
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