how to avoid to automatically update zetero version?

e.g. I think current version of zotero ( is perfect for me and there is no need to update to a higher version, especially zotero 6, which may be possiblely released in the end of 2021(it is said that this version will use a inbuilt PDF reader and new notebook). so how to avoid this application update automatically to a higher version?
  • You should absolutely not disable updates. Even leaving out all future features that you would miss out on, software updates are what keep software safe to use as well as functional. For Zotero specifically, you'd stop being able to sync, saving from sites would break, you'd eventually lose OS compatibility, and various other things would likely break — and you'd lose any chance of receiving support here. And if we had to fix a security bug, you'd remain vulnerable, with the possibility of your computer affecting others.

    If you don't want to use the built-in PDF reader in Zotero 6, just don't use it. There'll be nothing stopping you from continuing to use your current workflow. But don't disable updates.
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