In-text citations delimiter depending on language

While in English (and in many other languages) the semicolon is ";" and used to separate the sources in in-text citations, in Greek the semicolon is "·" (U+00B7 or Alt+0183 in Windows).

I am trying to make the in-text citations delimiter change depending on the language ("locale"), but I can't figure out where in the csl file and which code to add.
  • Have you found any solution to that? I remember Zotero having that option, but since APA 7 update it doesn't work.
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    Well, I found a workaround by copying the apa.csl to apa1-gre.csl (in ...\User\Zotero\styles\...) and replacing the delimiter in line 1884:
    layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter="· "

    However, if your paper is in a language other than Greek, you'll have to use the original Zotero style.

    If you follow this, however, don't forget to give another name to the style (line 4), so that you can identify it as Greek-specific:
    title>American Psychological Association 7th edition-greek</title

    Of course, it would be better if this option could be included in Zotero, but I don't see it so far.

    The same is valid for "σελ." instead of "σσ." (that stands for "pp."). In Greek, there is no "σσ." It is incorrect (line 103):

  • My paper is in Greek. Thanks a lot!
  • For some reason, I don't see the whole of my comment. There is a line missing, commenting the "pp.", which in Greek should be "σελ." and not "σσ." (line 103).
  • @alebis57 I am a bit worried that I might ruin it if I start messing up with the csl. Would you mind emailing me your csl file or uploading it and posting the link here? Thank you in advance!
  • Just make a copy of the file, make your edits and validate them via this:
  • Fingers crossed!

    Will it affect a paper I am already working on if I change styles?
  • @makislog. You can select any style you want by paper and for any paper. The styles are not globally valid.
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