sync error: upgrade to the latest version

Today, when trying to sync, I got error:
"Please upgrade to the latest 2.0 beta".
Until today syncing worked fine. Did not change anything since last using zotero. Working with Mac OSX 10.5.8, firefox 3.5, zotero 2.0b6.5
I do not want to update to 2.0b7 because I like my notes-tab and I am afraid of all these reported word-plugin problems.
  • Then I'm afraid you'll need to wait to sync until there's a version that you're comfortable upgrading to. 2.0b7 fixes many sync bugs and also introduces some data incompatibilities with previous versions, so we had to shut off syncing for those.
  • Well, OK, I can do either of these. But as a user, I find it a bit problematic being forced to upgrade to a version that seems to cause problems to many other users. Sync worked perfectly stable for me till now. I am aware that 2.0 is still beta, and thus I should be prepared for such things.
  • You're not being forced to upgrade. 2.0b6.5 will continue to work just fine for you locally, and you can always resort to the older methods of using Zotero in multiple locations. But syncing is an ongoing service under active development, and expecting it to continue to work with old beta versions isn't really realistic. Whether or not you yourself were having any syncing problems in 2.0b6.5, there were bugs—including some that might have caused ongoing problems for 2.0b7 users in group libraries—as well as data incompatibilities with new features that would have caused an increasing number of errors in 2.0b6.5 as more 2.0b7 users synced, so not shutting off syncing would be irresponsible.

    For what it's worth, I think the large majority of new Mac Word plugin issues have been resolved.
  • I am using 2.0b7.2. Everything was fine with 7.1, but since going to 7.2 I cannot sync anymore. Here is the report id: 1679782631

    The error message does not give me enough specifics to try and fix the problem on my own.

    Thank you,
    Britt Anderson
  • britt: This isn't related. Please start a new thread.
  • I don't understand the rules for these forums. The title says 2.0 beta sync error upgrade latest version. I am using the 2.Beta, the problem is a sync error and I have upgraded to the latest version, which seemed to cause the problem.

    Is every new report id supposed to have its own discussion?
  • @ britt

    The title does seem to fit, but the OP's problem is actually that he is running an old version of Zotero and he gets a sync error which asks him to upgrade to the latest version, not that he has upgraded to the latest version and then gets a sync error.
    Is every new report id supposed to have its own discussion?
    AFAIK, if you feel your issue is identical/very closely related to one already reported feel free to continue an existing discussion. Please don't be offended though if someone asks that you start a new discussion; there may be technical reasons why your issue is different, and the intention is not to be rude, but to ensure that the forums continue to run efficiently.
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