"Save to Zotero (PDF)" fails because there is no PDF; other save options are not available

Sometimes when browsing websites in Firefox I try to save a webpage to Zotero but the action fails because Zotero thinks there is a pdf document and only provides an option to "Save to Zotero (PDF). It does not provide any of the other "Save to" options. When this happens, my workaround is to manually create a new item in the Zotero client and copy/paste the information from the website.

It seems like there should be an option to add the item as a simple web page (without a PDF); or an option to to create a new item with the information about the web page if the Save to Zotero (PDF) option fails.

In the cases I have come across, there is no PDF to save although on the website there may be a button to click to download a pdf version of the text.

I was not able to find a discussion that talked to this issue specifically. The closest thread I found was: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/75216/save-to-zotero-with-or-without-associated-pdf/p1
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