Changing order of first and last name in bibliography

Hey there,

how can I change

Huber, G., Mayer, G. & Schmidt, A.


Huber, G., Mayer, G. & A. Schmidt

using the Visual Editor?
  • You can do
    Huber, G., G. Mayer & A. Schmidt

    Using "First" for the "name-as-sort-order" option, but it's not possible to do
    Huber, G., Mayer, G. & A. Schmidt (also seems odd to me -- are you sure you need that?)
  • Thanks for your answer Adam,

    unfortunately I got asked to do it this way for my thesis...
    Is it also not possible to do it manually by changing the code?
  • the visual editor can do virtually everything code can do -- this just isn't something CSL can do at all. Do you know what the rationale is?
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