library not showing up--external drive

Hello, I keep my Zotero library on an external drive and move between two PCs with it. At some point on one of the PCs, a Microsoft Surface, the library seems to have gotten disconnected. I thought I knew how to re-connect it, but it's still not showing up. I went to Preferences, then Advanced, then Files and Folders, and selected the external drive for Custom Database Directory Location. I may have accidentally changed the Base Directory too but I'm not sure what it was originally. What should I do to bring back my library? Thanks very much.
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    When you click on Show Data Directory, what's the size of the zotero.sqlite file?

    Does it still work on the other computer? If so, have you checked that they're set to the exact same folder?
  • Hi, thanks for your reply. The library was working with the other computer, so I checked the folder as you suggested. They were slightly different, and matching them fixed the issue. Thanks.
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