Zotfile put note text before markdown


Currently (vr 5.0.16-fx) zotfile exports the contents of markup before the contents of any attached notes, so that the notes follow the markup EXCEPT for replies to a note, which precede the markup. I would like to reverse this behavior, so that the top level note content precedes the markup content and is followed by the content of any replies. But even if I could just get the note before the markup that would be great.

Looking at the code, there's a commented out preference that looks like it would do the job. In ```zotfile-5.0.16-fx\defaults\preferences.default.js``` the last line is:

```//pref("extensions.zotfile.pdfExtraction.format", '"

%(markup)s" %(cite)s



But this preference is not called anywhere else in the code that I can find, and uncommenting / changing it does nothing.

Any thoughts?
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