A bit of Guidence

Hey folks,

Any help appreciated so thanks in advance.

I'm running Obsidian and had the intent of running Zotero as an integrated document referencing tool.

This would basically look like words words words with an associated reference to a pdf or other document. Click on link and zotero would open whatever it is to a particular page. Zotfile and Mdnotes have been utilised to that end so far. Therefore making it very easy for person x to be able to go to an original source document and go to the exact page (with highlight) in a massive document or in a file no one wants to search a million folders to find.

Issues I'm having are that I'm on a closed network without access to the WWW and the zotero library/session I want to use needs to be accessible by many people at once. A further issue is updating links. eg if I want to add further links to a document I need to redo the whole md file and this all the links I have in Obsidian (for that particular document).

Is zotero the best programme for this or can someone recommend something else that might serve better? Does Zotero have work arounds for my above issues?

Cheers again
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