Need to start over from the beginning - can't figure out how

I can't begin to describe everything I did wrong. I wouldn't know where to start and you wouldn't want to read the whole mess. I think the only thing that makes sense is to make a new account on a new computer and start there?
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    You can always delete all the items in your library, but there's never a need to create a new account and you should not do so.

    If you can give us a brief description of your current situation, we can likely tell you what to do.
  • Brief is hard - I did just about everything you guys say not to, I just didn't know it at the time.
    Basically, on at least 5 different devices, I've installed, uninstalled, deleted directories, deleted profiles, set syncing to multiple one drives, reset web library to sync to "backups" that were probably already bad...I'm sure there is more.
    As of yesterday, I had a laptop that was missing references and had errors when I checked for data integrity, but my desktop seemed to be working. I tried to copy the "working" directory from the desktop to the laptop, but now they're both wrong and missing references.
  • Yikes.

    OK, is there a version of your library that's mostly correct? On a given computer, or in the web library?
  • Kind of? The desktop looks okay, but it gave me a weird error when it tried to sync. It was working good from about 3 -9 am...but then I clicked on "library" under my profile on the web and some of the references that I'd just made were there, but others not. I'm sure this doesn't even make sense...I had saved a backup of the directory right before it stopped working and I tried to compare what was in the before and after, but I don't really get it. There are twice as many storage files in the earlier one.
  • How about the web library? That's the easiest thing to revert to and would be sure not to have any database corruption from storing your database in OneDrive (which, it sounds like you've discovered, you should never do, and Zotero tries to warn you not to).

    We can probably keep one of the local copies if necessary, but it'd be easier to just remove your local copies and pull down all data and files from your web library.
  • I will definitely give it a shot and cross my fingers!
    But how do I fix the laptop issue. Would it be better to just never use it again? Or throw it off a cliff? I'd do it if that would fix it :)
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    No, don't do anything yet. We will tell you exactly what to do, step by step. I'm just trying to understand your current situation so we can give you proper advice. Can you answer my question about the web library?
  • Sounds good, thank you!

    Do the "web library" tab and the "library" link under my name (under the home tab) both take me to the web library?
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