Indirect Citation

How do I have Zotero cite something that has already been cited? (... as cited in...)
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    Just insert a Zotero field to cite the citing resource. This should be rare. Find, read, and directly cite the original. See below:

    I think that citing a source that cites an unread (by you) resource should be _very_ rare and done only in situations such as when the citing source is in error or to demonstrate that the citing source is fraudulently citing a document that doesn't support the assertion. "... but know that Doe [1] and Roe[2] improperly cite Wilson [3] who reported quite the opposite of what Doe and Roe assert. Thus, their errors call into question the findings of both of their reports -- were they deceptively using a strawman to support their findings or did they not read Wilson's report."
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