complex saved searches

Hi, I was reading this info at
Complex Search Criteria
It is possible to run complex Boolean searches by using multiple Saved Searches. For example, to run the search (a OR b) AND (c OR d), first make a Saved Search called “Condition1” for (a OR b), then make a Saved Search called “Condition2” for (c OR d). Finally, run a third Advanced Search and search for “Collection” “is” “Condition1” AND “Collection” “is” “Condition2”.

This is great, but I have a question about how to achieve the (a or b) chunk.
If I do a saved search with an or statement inside a single line, it doesn't seem to work. Does each term have to be on its own separate line? That is, if I want to search for records that contain "intervention" or "nudg" in the title or abstract, do I need four separate lines in the saved search:
title contains intervention
abstract contains intervention
title contains nudg
abstract contains nudg

Or is there a simpler way to achieve this?
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