Import of titles with math symbols from APS doesn't work


Consider the following item

When I import it with Zotero Connector addon in Firefox the math gets broken. So I see in the Zotero UI this


Then I export it to bibtex and I see this

\$(\{\textbackslash mathrm\{\vphantom{\}\}}{{Ba}}\vphantom\{\}\vphantom\{\}\_\{1\textbackslash ensuremath\{-\}x\}\{\textbackslash mathrm\{\vphantom{\}\}}{{K}}\vphantom\{\}\vphantom\{\}\_\{x\})\{\textbackslash mathrm\{\vphantom{\}\}}{{Fe}}\vphantom\{\}\vphantom\{\}\_\{2\}\{\textbackslash mathrm\{\vphantom{\}\}}{{As}}\vphantom\{\}\vphantom\{\}\_\{2\}\$

So basically the math environment is escaped, and I see those special commands instead of the equation.

However if I download the bib file and then import it to zotero it works correctly. So I can see this in the UI


and then also correct exported bibtex format


Zotero version:
Firefox version: 90.0
Zotero connector version: 5.0.86

  • Zotero doesn't support math, so as far as Zotero is concerned, this is just text. You can sort of work around this using BBT, either by wrapping that title in <script>...</script> or by having that applied automatically.

    If you import $({\mathrm{Ba}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{K}}_{x}){\mathrm{Fe}}_{2}{\mathrm{As}}_{2}$ by hand with BBT installed it will actually translate that to (Ba₁₋ₓKₓ)Fe₂As₂ which would be exported back to bibtex (but as text, not math) and would also work with Word bibliographies. This has some obvious limits, not everything mathy has a decent text representation.
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