Does iOS app support plugins (Zotfile & Mdnotes)?

Hello, I recently signed up to get the private beta but haven’t heard anything so I hope it’s ok to ask here. I also searched the forums but nothing came up. Does the iOS support plugins (Zotfile and Mdnotes)?
If I’m out and making PDF annotations on my iPhone, I want to be able to export w mdnotes to Obsidian which currently only the desktop app lets you do (can’t do it on browser mode either). Unless there’s a way to automate PDF annotations so they always automatically get exported to your desired folder?
  • No, the iOS app doesn't support plugins.

    There will be ways to export notes from the iOS app, but for now your best bet would be to sync back to the desktop app and do it there.
  • Thanks dstillman very much for your reply.
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